Thursday, February 26, 2009

Using Multiple Yahoo Messenger Accounts at the Same Time

If you have several Yahoo Messenger Accounts, and want to use them at the same time on the same machine, you can still use Yahoo Messenger GUI. You do not have to use your account in the YM, and then use the other one in the web-based messenger or Yahoo Messenger substitute like GAIM. The substitute will not allow you use some features like buzz, avatar, audible, and background. Even the Webcam can not be used. The default configuration will not let you to perform this action. But with a little modification, it can happen.

1. Click Start, and select Run. You can also press windows+R
2. Type regedit
3. Select HKEY_CURRENT_USER --> Software --> Yahoo --> pager --> test
4. Right click on the test and create a new DWORD value (32 bit)
5. Rename the value as Plural and set its value to 1

And voila! you can use your accounts on the same machine and at the same time.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nothing Certain Here

February 16, 2009 I back to work again after the vacation I took last week due to my grandmother’s funeral. I open my outlook and there are 3 incoming emails. The first two is from my friend and the other one is from my ex supervisor. Email from my ex supervisor is about helping request. He asked me to help him creating a SOP (standard operation procedure) with regards to access to Production server (both SAP and OS Level).
It’s Ok for me to help him because it’s still related to SAP. Just 5 minutes started my work, another manager come to me asking for a help. What the eff…… I feel like a servant. I think not only me the one in the office who sitting on the bench. There are at least 15 persons and they available to help him. Why does he want my help? I heard his explanation and after he explained it to me, I said to him that I have another job from my ex supervisor. He looked disappointed, but I did not care.
I called my ex supervisor who also my counselor asked him about the task he gave me. After heard his explanation I dare to ask him about my next project. 2 weeks ago my HR representative and him said I will be assigned to A*P project. It’s a SAP Implementation project. Can you guess what did He say to me on the phone? He said maybe I will not be the team member in this project….S*it….. They promise me this project 2 weeks ago and now they said the different thing. Upset fill me up and I have no sprit anymore to complete the task he just gave me…..
I think there is something wrong with this company. They expect us to work maximal, but what feedback they gave to us? They can only give you promises and they never try to fulfill them.
Hmm….maybe this is the fate of being an analyst, the bottom-line position in the organization structure. You have to and must do what the upper-line ask you to do even though you do not want to do it for some reasons.
If you work in this company, you have to learn to maintain your expectation because nothing certain here.

Assign New Print Format to Device Type

After you create a new print format, you can assign it to the device type. This step will assure you that when you select the device type for printing, the new created-format can be selected.
1. Run transaction code SPAD and select Full Administration. Select Device Types tab.
2. Enter the name of Device Types e.g. SAPWIN (for LOCL). Select Display button.
3. Change the Display mode to Change mode.
4. Choose Formats. Then choose change and create.
5. Enter the name of print format you just created.
6. In the Format tab select printer initialization, Reset After Exit, End of Page, and End of Line. In the Printer initialization enter below command:
# SAPWIN data stream
# Landscape-Mode
# Schrift 5 Punkt einstellen.
(this line must be adjust to meet the number of columns you have defined before. 75 for 350, 130 for 200, 200 fro 132, and 100 fro 255 column).
#8,5 lpi
# output complete line with one call (do not use for proportional fonts)

7. In the Reset After Exit screen, enter commands:
# reset

8. In the End of Page screen, enter command:
9. And in the End of Line screen, enter command:
10. Save your entries.

Creating New Print Format on SAP

For Printing, SAP uses default format that specify number of rows or lines that can be printed and how many characters can be printed in one lines. If you select list format X_65_80, it means you can print 65 lines and 80 characters in one line.

If you want to define your own format, you can follow guide below.
1. Call transaction SPAD and select Full Administration. Select Device Types tab.
2. In the Format Types, select Display.
3. Change Display mode to Change mode and select a Default format, let say X_65_255.
4. Creating new format using template or just pressing F5.
5. In the Format Type field, enter the name of format type you want. Use format Y_LL_CC or Z_LL_CC. Where LL is the number of lines and CC is the number of characters.
6. Enter L in the Type field.
7. Select Any in the Page Format Field.
8. Enter the number of Rows and Columns.
9. You can select list driver.
10. Choose List Driver Attributes to determine the layout attribute.On the next screen you can determine the orientation of the output and define the margins.Note that the page format you selected (L or S) also exists with the orientation that you set for the format. If this is not the case, the system displays an error message.
11. Save your entry.

You have to assign the new format to the device type to make the process complete.